Who is Omega?

September 2nd, 2038


Calamity struck last night as the leader of the Gang Stone, known only as “Omega,” decimated more than half of the North Brook Concert Hall. Over two hundred people were in the building at the time of the explosion, with 104 dead and another 56 injured and in critical condition.

The motivation behind the attack is unknown, but many speculate that it was to draw out the North Brook Police. Currently, the NBPD is investigating the string of cases surrounding the Gang Stone, but this is the first time that GS has pulled of an attack of this nature.

“Never during my years in the force have I seen something like this,” said James Stephen, age 48. “Most of our cases investigating the Gang Stone have been related to robberies and kidnappings, but to see them shift towards mass murder is both shocking and enraging.”

Stephen is the main officer in charge of the Gang Stone investigation, having followed after them for nearly 15 years. Despite this, though, even he is surprised at how quickly the actions of the Gang Stone have changed.

“It’s hard to be optimistic after how many died in the explosion,” said Stephen, “But it’s my job to make things right. We will try to arrest those responsible.”

Another witness to the crime claimed to have a connection to Omega, the leader of the Gang Stone. He was outside of the building when the attack took place, and when it happened he gave chase after Omega. What he claims to have happened next is unprecedented, even for us at the North Brook Examiner.

“He began to fly,” said Jack Nomad, age 25. “Not like in a balloon, but he leapt up into the air and flew. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s the truth.”

At this moment, the location of Omega is still unknown. He is currently wanted by the police and still at large.


Episode One


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