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It’s the year 2038…

A city under siege…

A man on a mission…


Jack Nomad is on a journey to find a childhood friend, but stumbles upon a city-wide case involving the Gang Stone, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the country. Their leader, Omega, is a mysterious man with a dangerous demeanor. Meanwhile, officer James Stephen is hot on their trail. Kira Young, a quiet woman with a mystery of her own, becomes a target of the Gang Stone as both Nomad and Stephen try to solve both the riddle of Omega while trying to topple the Gang Stone at the same time.


The Nomad Project Series is a new story from author Nick Millini, who brought you “Brave Fighting Sun.” Enjoy the thrills, action, and mystery that Nomad Project A has to offer.


In inceptum finis est.


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(A warning: this story will contain harsh language at times, descriptions of violence, and some sexual content. Thus, it would be safe to say that this story is primarily intended for older audiences. Reader discretion is advised.)